State and Federal Criminal Defense

Serious Criminal Charges

Drug Charges

DUI and DWI Traffic Offenses

White Collar Offenses

Domestic Violence

Sexual Offenses

Criminal Appeal
Administrative and
Disciplinary Hearings

When you face criminal charges, you face significant penalties that can include jail time, a prison sentence, fines, and probation, while those you love are faced with your absence. Even when accused of a lesser crime, a knowledgeable attorney can be critical in helping you achieve the best outcome. When Scott represents you, he acts as an advocate for you, your family and their quality of life.

Civil Defense Litigation

Business Disputes

Technology and Intellectual Property Disputes

Employment Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Tax, Estate and Trust LItigation

Local Counsel Services

E-Discovery Services

Instead of having criminal sanctions, civil litigation involves a dispute between two or more parties who are seeking monetary damages or a specific action in settlement. In civil cases, more than just monetary sums and court-mandated actions are on the line. It is Scott’s job to defend your livelihood, reputation, and minimize your risk of liability in situations where they may otherwise be in question.



Security deposit dispute

Physical altercations

Willful destruction or damage to property.

Habitual lateness in paying rent.

Violation of rules and regulations

Tenant’s conviction for a drug offense.

Non-payment of rent

Demand for possession

Order of eviction

Landlords and tenants have an implied, quiet agreement of mutual respect, involving the granting of leased premises and an expectation of privacy. When this agreement is broken, you have a right to appropriate, legal compensation that Scott is more than equipped to help you attain. As a tenant, he will know whether withholding rent payments because of a complaint will hurt or help your case. As a landlord, he can help you avoid the pitfalls regarding landlord rights, such as the consequences of withholding a security deposit.